Function Man
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Function Man

Function man is a dance solo about the effects of militarization on the body. 
Inspired by Matan’s first hand experience of militarization as a soldier in the Israeli army, we are questioning how a soldier’s body is transformed into a war zone, and its functionality turned into a weapon. Drawing from Matan's personal point of view, as well as from Claire's theoretical research on this topic, we are inquiring the impact of militarization on the political body, and our society's collective consciousness. It is an exploration of functionality as an end itself, re-appropriating the body in an undisciplined and curious process of discovery.


Concept and creation: Claire Lefèvre & Matan Levkowich 

Performance: Matan Levkowich

Production: Sophie Schmeiser 

Co-Production: Himalaya Project and brut Wien 

Supported by Danceweb, Life Long Burning (wild cards), Im_Flieger and MA7