Animal Instinct Internship

The week long internship is a special study opportunity that is designed to offers an in depth view to the Animal Instinct practice.

During a week, participants of the internship will be exposed to the working methods and will get tools keep furthering their own movement journey.

What makes this week different than a normal workshop, is that the numbers of participants is very limited. In a small group (6-10 people), you will have the chance to be mentored personally, having time for individual feedback and questions. We will dedicate the time for the physical aspects as well as the theoretical/philosophical ones.

Topics we will cover:
Joint mobility and flexibility training
Body preparations (warmup/cool down)
Strength development
Static and dynamic equilibrium
Undulation and spiral patterns 
Muscle tonality & contraction types
Proprioception & Reflexive awareness
Structural limitation & manipulation and more and more...

Here is an example of how the schedule of this week might look like:

Body Preparation - Mobility drills, static equilibrium practice, solo practice (floor work, waves, spirals etc.)

Lunch Break

Partnering Practice/Group Practice - Falls & lifts, soft manipulations, partner acrobatics, takedowns, ground fighting, object work (sticks, tantos, blindfold, balls etc), dynamic equilibrium.

Afternoon break

Cool down, feedback sessions.

On Monday the 11th, after the internship ends, there will be a short meeting from 10:00-13:00 (not mandatory) that will include individual feedback and closing group session.

event info


6-10 December, 2017


Vienna, Austria



** Places are VERY limited. Registration doesn't guarantee your participation

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